Talk: How brand owners can improve their luck

29 March, 2022

19:00 - 20:00



Andy Nairn is the founder of top creative agency Lucky Generals and author of a new book, Go Luck Yourself. In this fun and interactive talk, he’ll explore the reasons why luck is such a taboo topic in Western business circles and how marketers can stack the odds in their brands’ favour.


The talk will cover themes like the need to:

  • Appreciate what you’ve got
  • Look out for opportunities everywhere
  • Turn misfortune into good fortune
  • Practice being lucky

Andy will draw on everything from architecture to zoology as well as his own experience working with some of the world’s most famous brands. And as we’re in the Museum, he’ll show how luck has also helped many of our most celebrated household names.

About the Speaker

Andy is the founder of top creative agency Lucky Generals, whose clients include the likes of Amazon, Virgin Atlantic, Co-op and Yorkshire Tea. Campaign magazine has named him the UK’s top brand strategist for the last 3 years in a row. He’s giving all the royalties from Go Luck Yourself to Commercial Break, who help working class talent get a lucky break into the creative industries.

The Museum’s professional development programme is generously supported by The Marketors’ Trust @marketors

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