easyGroup – New Display

We are proud to announce that easyGroup has continued its partnership with the Museum, to showcase the achievements the brand has accomplished since its launch in 1995. Originating with travel and tourism, the easy brand has expanded from the well-known easyJet to easyHotel, easyCar, easyCleaning and so much more, all in 28 years. 

The updated easyGroup display will be on show from 20 May 2023. Through still images and historical video footage featuring early advertisements to recent digital media campaigns, plus original promotional objects sourced from easyGroup and the Museum’s archives. The display not only tells the story of the brand that transformed air travel but also highlights the wide breadth of the industries that sit within the easy family today. 

easyGroup founder, Sir Stelios says: 

Successful and solid branding is the result of consumer endorsement of goods and services across a wide range of business activities. I’m proud and humbled at how quickly the easy brand has been accepted throughout Europe as an exemplar of high quality and low cost.

“I am grateful to the Museum of Brands for giving ‘easy’  the opportunity to rub shoulders with the greats such as Kellogs, Johnnie Walker and Fairy. 

About easyGroup 

easyGroup is the private investment vehicle of Stelios, the entrepreneur. easyGroup is the owner of the ‘easy’ brand and licences it to all of the ‘easy’ branded businesses, including easyJet plc, the airline Stelios started in 1995, and in which he remains the largest single shareholder. easyGroup profits by either selling shares in the businesses or by licensing or franchising the brand to reputable partners. The ‘easy’ brand currently operates in more than a dozen industries mainly in travel, leisure and other consumer-facing sectors. Please visit www.easy.com and www.easyhistory.info for further information.


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