Launch Date: 1993

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Ownership History: Dairy Crest 1993-2014, Muller 2015-

Brand Overview: Frijj is a milkshake sold in plastic bottles and comes in a variety of flavours known for releasing limited editions of the product.

Frijj is a brand manufactured by Dairy Crest.  Launched for the first time in 1993, Frijj comes in four standard flavours including Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. The UK is its main market where it is marketed for 15-24 year old males.

Initially sold in 500ml bottles, a 250ml bottle was launched in 1994, being replaced in 2002 by The Big One (1L).  In 1995 Frijj launched its Limited Edition, operating since then as the ‘themed’ range of new flavours including custard, caramel, mint-choc-chip, raspberry doughnut, Jaffa Cake, Banoffee Pie, Halloween Toffee, Vanilla, White Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Cookies and Cream, and Cookie Dough.

In 1998 Frijj launched an ever thicker version named The Extreme One, available in two flavours: White Chocolate and Chocolate.  Since 1998 Frijj has been Britain’s number one flavoured dairy drink.  In April 2009, Frijj had a 50% market share, which is the largest ever registered in the fresh, flavoured milk market.

In August 2007 Frijj was re-launched with new designs and logo by design agency Ziggurat Brands. The revamp of the brand was an attempt to emphasise the natural ingredients of the product as a sign of its quality. The cow hide pattern over white, which had developed over time into liquid splatters, reappeared on the packaging. The logo became simpler and bolder in an attempt to to deliver a message of ‘confidence and authenticity’ to consumers.

Frijj is well known for its high profile sponsorship campaigns. In 2003 the brand started working with Fox, developing a series of The Simpsons for the Limited Edition. The Limited Editions, scuh as the Simpsons edition, have played a key role in the continued success of the brand and development of the category, retaining consumer’s attention and giving the brand a contemporary feel.   According to The Food and Drink Innovation Network, Frijj’s Limited Edition is worth in 2010 £6m.

Also in 2003 Frijj sponsored the Big Brother show; a sponsorship that lasted for one series, and it was also the main sponsor for the dating show Elimidate. 

In July 2008 the Grey London launched “Four Ridges Must Be Destroyed”, a new advertising campaign for Frijj for the introduction of two new flavours.  This included a series of five spoof videos parodying the 1950s Steve McQuenn’s horror film The Blob.  Also a dedicated website where consumers could upload their own homemade videos the best of which was showcased at the Frijj Film Festival held at 25 cinemas across London.  Digital, online, press and outdoor adverts were released a well as the design of a new Limited Edition bottle, which were printed with a instructions on how to win cinema tickets.

Frijj’s 2010 multi-media campaign, created by Syzygy and Grey London, featured augmented reality (AR) allowing the interaction of the audience with the brand. The campaign included £40,000 worth of prizes and offered the chance to the consumer to take part in the Frijj Swamp Soccer World Cup 2010.  All the team coordination was done through Facebook Connect. The campaign ran alongside the £2m sponsorship of Soccer AM and included PR, digital activity covering online social networks, mobile mechanics and a microsite to engage consumers.

On 6th November 2014, Muller UK & Ireland Group confirmed an acquisition of the dairy operations of Dairy Crest Group plc which was completed in 2015 – this included the Frijj product. During this year, Frijj ran as schools competitions to design a new flavour of Frijj milkshake for Dairy Crest. The competition was held in Stratford, London and was part of the Stroud Festomane festival of manufacturing and engineering. The schoolchildren were then given feedback by Daircrest representatives, local MPs and Prince Charles.

In 2016, Frijj released a TV campaign which followed two housemates attempting to resist #TheURjj. The advertisements ran over three ‘sitcom style’ parts, playing on the addictive and ‘irrisistable’ nature of the drink.  In this year, Muller milk became an official supporter of the British Athletics Team and the Official Milk of British Athletics – this was communicated on packaging from 2017.

2016 also saw the introduction of a campaign by Liverpool city council against sugary drinks, highlighting the heath impact and link to diabetes in children. The posters were displayed in hospitals, children’s centres and GP surgeries and named Frijj as having the third largest amount of sugar of all surveyed children’s drinks (12.7g) below Lucozade and Coca-cola.

In 2017, Frijj released a “no added sugar” line in strawberry, chocolate and a new mango & passion fruit. However these new flavours had mixed reviews.

In 2019, Frijj launched a campaign whereby purchasers who heard a ‘moo’ sound when opening a bottle, they could call and win £1000. Muller also extended its partnership with British Athletics to cover the 2019 British Athletics Championships.

As of January 2020, Frijj has had a 50% market share of the flavoured milk market.