Talk: Neuroscience – Why Do People Buy?

04 February, 2019

18:30 - 21:00


On the 4th of February, Sandra Murphy, the Director of Neuroscience at Nielsen, came to the Museum of Brands to discuss the topic Why Do People Buy?

Murphy explained how there are two systems that come into play when buying: the conscious and the subconscious. Subconscious buying occurs when one is already comfortable or aware of a brand, whereas conscious buying happens when one is paying more attention to what they are purchasing, particularly if it is a new product.

Murphy engaged the crowd by getting an audience member to volunteer to demonstrate EEG testing, which measures motivation, memory, and attention. This process is used when Nielsen is testing whether a brand’s advertisement is engaging to its consumer. The volunteer wore a head piece to track emotions, eye movement, and facial expressions.

The event was both engaging and well attended with over eighty guests from brands including PepsiCo, Aviva, Playstation and Jo Malone.  The evening concluded with a look at a popular advertisement and how it engaged consumers, giving the audience a better understanding of how EEG testing can be utilized.

About Sandra Murphy

Sandra Murphy is Director of Neuroscience at Nielsen CNS, the market leader in bringing neuroscience to the world of advertising, messaging, packaging, and product development. Nielsen CNS clients include Fortune 100 companies across consumer package goods, food and beverage, financial services, automotive, and retail sectors. Nielsen CNS leverages academic expertise in neuroscience and marketing from Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, and Oxford University.

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