Talk: The Impact of Neuroscience on Design with Jeremy Lindley

19 September, 2023

18:30 - 19:30

£10 / £5 Members and Students

talk, the impact of neuroscience on design, jeremy lindley, museum of brands

How do the messages our eyes send to the brain get interpreted? Why do some images have such rich meanings to us? How does recognition and attention work? Delving into semiotics, neuroscience and heuristics, Diageo’s Global Design Director Jeremy Lindley explores how designers are improving their work by understanding how the brain works.


– How we see and recognise visual input

– Visual assets & their role in the marketing mix

– Semiotics as applied to design projects

– Consumer short-cuts and how to understand them

– The importance of creating distinctive designs

– Why visual consistency works

– How to keep creative work fresh while also driving recognition

The Museum’s professional development programme is generously supported by The Marketors’ Trust @marketors

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