Inventions & Discoveries

We are pleased to present our first online exhibition with Google Arts & Culture; Inventions & Discoveries for the “Once Upon a Try”. The exhibition explores some of the most influential packaging inventions, designs and discoveries that have shaped our daily lives up into the present.

The online exhibition presents a snapshot of history of packaging and how innovation, business and consumer demand continue to inform its evolution. Audiences will learn about who invented tin cans, aerosols or cellophane and when and why were plastic, bottle tops and aluminium foil were invented?

These histories include the work and imagination of thousands of people who have driven forward the evolution of packaging design and innovation. Together, they have made a major contribution to improving the way goods are packaged, stored, transported enabling higher quality, more durable products and greater convenience for the consumer. Using objects from the museum collection, Museum of Brands is proud to be involved in this ambitious project “Once Upon a Try”

You can explore the online content from the 4th March on the Google Arts & Culture Website.