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The Impact of Neuroscience on Design 

How do the messages our eyes send to the brain get interpreted? Why do some images have such rich meanings to us? How does recognition and attention work?
Join Jeremy Lindley as he discusses the impact of neuroscience on design.

19 September 2023 / 18:30


easyCome easyGo 

An inside account of the birth and growth of easyJet and the easy family of brands from easyJet’s first marketing director, Tony Anderson.

01 November 2023 / 18:30


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Get your side
hustle working for you

8 February, 2020

Founder of Stress MattersNo More Ifs Or Buts and The BE:DO AcademyLaura Capell-Abra knows a thing or two about side hustles. Whether it’s to change career, supplement your income, form a part of your portfolio career or to enact positive social change, this Zoom talk will explore some of the fundamentals you need to get your side hustle working for you.