reminiscence workshops, museum of brands

Reminiscence Workshops

Book a hands-on creative session with our Learning Team, handle a variety of objects and reminisce about the everyday products of yesteryear. An ideal activity for a trip down memory lane and a chance to reminisce. Refreshments can be arranged in advance.

Sessions cost

£120 for up to 10 people
£180 for 11 to 20 people.

reminiscence loan packs, museum of brands

Reminiscence Loan Packs

Our Creative Reminiscence Packs feature a wide range of replica items from our collection of well-known household brands from the past century.

Packs include activities on topics such as Rationing and Shopping, using the collection to aid support workers in delivering exciting discussions, group work and creative practice outside the Museum. This is supported by the RBKC Arts Service.

The packs are FREE to loan, with a £50 deposit that will be fully reimbursed once the packs and all their contents have been returned.