Time Out 50: 50 Years, 50 Covers

This new exhibition presents 50 original magazine covers from Time Out’s archive and explores the stories behind them. It is a journey through the changing face of London and 50 years of everything new, cool, weird and unique in culture and entertainment.

Curated by Time Out editors, the bold, arresting, beautiful and bizarre covers reflect key moments of city life from 1968 to the present day, and give an excellent insight into the evolution of magazine design over the past half-century. The exhibition includes: the first Time Out London issue from 12th September 1968, a cover featuring an Andy Warhol soup can design to celebrate an exclusive interview with the artist, the 1974 cover marking Winston Churchill’s 100th anniversary with a subversive take on his trademark V-sign, and cover stars including David Bowie, Elton John and Joanna Lumley. As well as in-house design, the exhibition will showcase work by artists including Banksy, Jamie Hewlett and Ralph Steadman, and photographers such as Perou and David LaChapelle.

Time Out’s 50th anniversary will also be celebrated with a 128-page book ‘Time Out 50: 50 Years, 50 Covers’ which is available to purchase in the shop at the Museum of Brands.

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