Living Brands

A multi-sensory outreach programme for people living with dementia and their carers designed to encourage reminiscing through creative activities and narratives

As a Chartered Dementia Friendly Venue, all visitors have access to over 200 years of consumer culture from toys, fashion, foods, and all the things found in your mother’s kitchen or laundry closet. Some of the best reactions have been participants standing and dancing to jingles from commercials. Objects, sounds, and smells trigger reactions.

We structure our programmes to be replicable so that multiple groups can use them as well as more and more museum settings also. However, the reactions, stories, and memories shared make each event stand alone. It is a valuable experience for everyone involved and we look forward to growing it further and providing resources for all involved within this very diverse community.

Living Brands is a specialised programme offering outreach sessions in care homes, day centres, community hubs, memory cafes, and more. Using our carefully curated Memory, Culture and Brand Boxes full of replica packaging and products from the 20th century, we can recreate memories while encouraging creative discussions and art activities using our multi-sensory approach which has been proven to benefit mental and social wellbeing.

Living Brands is delivered by our Wellbeing Department and offers creative resources, engaging events and training opportunities for a wide range of audiences, around the topics of memory and brand heritage.

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