Meet Our Team

A dedicated team of permanent employees deliver the Museum’s on-going work.

A volunteer programme supports this team. Find out more about our volunteer opportunities here.

Robert Opie


020 7243 9611

Anna Terry

Museum Director

020 7243 9611

Francesca Stracqualursi

Head of Commercial Events

020 7243 9611

Rebecca Hogan

Museum Manager

020 7243 9611

Alice Kain


020 7243 9611

Denise Yeats

Fundraising Events Manager

020 7243 9611

Natasha Facey

Public Programming Officer

020 7243 9611

Connie Blott

Learning Officer

020 7243 9611

Rebecca Sangs

Venue & Events Assistant

020 7243 9611

Gary Eisenhauer


020 7243 9611

Museum Patrons

Our patrons are a group of individuals who represent the industries that generate the core content of our collection. They share a commitment to support the success of the Museum’s work.

Museum Board

Our Trustees have statutory duties under the National Heritage Act 1983 for the general management and control of the Museum of Brands. The role of the Board is to oversee the Museum’s policy, review performance and guide strategic plans.