Smoothie Lab Workshop

Find out about our brand new student workshop, in partnership with innocent.

We are proud to announce the launch of our new workshop, Smoothie Lab, designed to explore the fundamentals in developing a product as well as exploring how brands communicate their values through packaging.

Developed in partnership with innocentSmoothie Lab provides an insight into the various considerations and choices that are made when developing a product.  The workshop explores how successful brands influence customer behaviour as well as an in-depth analysis of branding strategies.

Students will have the opportunity to develop their own smoothie concept. They will look at profit margins, key USPs and points of difference in the market, before working out a strong visual identity in line with innocent’s brand and will consider advertising and PR hooks. Having identified these key elements they will pitch the drink to the group. 

Students will also learn about health benefit claims of their products and the restrictions British brands have on what claims can be made.

To ensure students maximise this learning opportunity we provide pre and post-sessional activities to be undertaken in the classroom to reinforce the workshop’s key objectives. There will be an accompanying worksheet to guide students through our permanent exhibition, the Time Tunnel, which will highlight the steps in our consumer history that have led to convenient, single portion smoothies. This will also be available for general visitors and families.

Curriculum links include:

  • GCSE: Art and Design, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Media Studies, Business, History, Creative iMedia

  • A-Level: Product Design, Food Science & Nutrition, Business

  • BTEC: Business Studies, Entrepreneurship

  • HE, FE: Business, Marketing, Strategic Management, Corporate Branding, Graphic Design

Available for:

  •       GCSE
  •       A Level
  •       BTEC
  •       Higher Education, Further Education
  •       Home Education groups

Information for bookers

This session runs for 2 hours, and includes a walkthrough of the Time Tunnel.

Sessions run from 11am or 2pm, Tuesday - Friday.  Other times and days can be arranged subject to availability.

For Secondary groups, the cost for one session is £225 for 25 students and 3 teachers. For Universities it is £275 for 15 students and 3 adults. Both prices includes entry to our Museum.

A 50% discount is available if more that 25% of your students are eligible for Pupil Premium or Free School Meals. A 10% discount is available for organisations located within Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, and Hammersmith & Fulham.

For more information, please email

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