Show your passion for brands and get experience

Our team of friendly and dedicated volunteers ensures the Museum operates at a high standard. We have a wide range of volunteer roles available to suit the skills and interests of different people. Please have a look at our role descriptions and see which one would suit you. We warmly welcome applications from a wide range of backgrounds, particularly the local community.

There are currently six volunteering roles at the Museum of Brands

How to Apply

Note for applicants

We do not offer short work placements, however, we strongly encourage younger students to gain experience with us by applying for volunteering (minimum three months for four hours per week). Weekend volunteering is available to help fit around school and college commitments.

Museum Volunteers

To apply to: museum assistant, learning or wellbeing programme or wellbeing session leader volunteer.

Please send an email to Sara Sarf with your CV and a cover letter to volunteer@museumofbrands.com

Garden Volunteers

To apply to: garden volunteer.

Please, send an email to Gary Eisenhauer including your CV and cover letter to volunteer@museumofbrands.com